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Imagefile Tuttle, C_K_.jpg
Name Tuttle, C.K.
Othernames Charles Kirkham Tuttle
Born 1859
Birthplace Benecia, CA
Deceased 8/2/1939
Deceased where Pacific Grove, CA
Children Floyd Lorrell Tuttle
Gladys Welma Tuttle York
Winnifred Tuttle Beaumont
Education University of California College of Pharmacy
Occupation Pharmacist, Photographer, Organist
Places of residence Pacific Grove, CA
San Francisco, CA
Role Artist
Titles & honors Charter Member and Master of Pacific Grove Masonic Lodge

Associated Records

Image of PG.0004 - Booklet

PG.0004 - Booklet

3 copies. Scans are from working copy. Small booklets printed in sepia, containing a summary of the first 100 years of the City of Pacific Grove. Produced by the Pacific Grove Centennial, Inc., June 1, 1975, The Pacific Grove Press. (c) 1975 by the Pacific Grove Centennial, Inc. Includes: Proclamation from Mayor Robert A. Quinn declaring 1975 Centennial year (May 25- June 1 "Chautauqua Week"). Pacific Grove Retreat gate demolision page, sponsored by the Pacific Grove Rotary Club. "Pacific Grove...433 Years of History", by Elmarie Hurlbert Dyke, sponsored by United California Bank, La Porte's, Monterey Savings & Loan, New Monterey Lions Club (Beaches page). Early Homes page sponsored

Image of 01.0-039-LP -

01.0-039-LP -

Man leaning on rock, spectacled older woman on opposite side of rock, Emily Tuttle under Cypress tree at the shoreline along 17-Mile Drive.

Image of 01.0-034-B -

01.0-034-B -

Date: May 1901 Post Office (now medical offices at 222 Forest Avenue) decorated with portrait of President McKinley, bunting, and greenery--in honor of McKinley's visit.

Image of 01.0-035-LP -

01.0-035-LP -

Three women on rocks at Pacific Grove shoreline near Lovers Point. Condition note: Flare on right side of print

Image of 01.0-036-LB -

01.0-036-LB -

Unpaved area with Lovers Point in background, house at right. Early index identifies as "Foot of Forest Avenue with Lovers Point in background."

Image of 01.0-037-AL -

01.0-037-AL -

Copy photo of seven bison (buffalo) in paddock in Pebble Beach. The Winston brothers, local businessmen who had several hotels (The Winston & the Del Mar), brought the animals to the Peninsula in the 1890s, and later sold them to the Pacific Improvement Company. They were penned at Del Monte, and several roamed the 17-Mile Drive. See also #379 for view of individual buffalo.

Image of 01.0-038-L -

01.0-038-L -

Rocky outcrop along Pacific Grove shoreline, well-defined clouds, wooden plank in foreground. Condition note: Crack along bottom.

Image of 01.0-043-BP -

01.0-043-BP -

Copy photo of "Echo" car of the Scenic Mount Lowe Railway on the Incline (leading up to Mount Lowe, above the San Gabriel Valley near Pasadena, in southern California. Built by David J. Macpherson and Professor Thaddeus Lowe. Last run was in 1937. Looks like Tuttle family members on board.

Image of 01.0-049-BL -

01.0-049-BL -

Saint Mary's By-the-Sea Episcopal Church. Central Avenue, looking east across corner of Greenwood Park. St. Mary's was the first formal church built in Pacific Grove, in 1887--a year before the Methodist church on Lighthouse Avenue. Sacramento architect William Hamilton designed the church building. The parish hall (now called Edwards Hall) was designed by architect Ernest Coxhead, and built in 1893. Both buildings are constructed with redwood, and there are two Louis Comfort Tiffany windows donated by the McCormick (agricultural machinery manufacturers) family. Board and batten cottage at corner of 13th Street also visible at left.

Image of 03.0-252-L -

03.0-252-L -

Forest glen with large white rock and stream, probably the Big Sur River. Tuttle marked the negative sleeve, "San Jose Creek," probably refering to an area now called Rancho San Carlos, though the Big Sur location seems more likely. Condition note: Scan looks better than print, which is flat. Matches image of rock in Big Sur supplied by Pat Hathaway.

Image of 03.0-253-B -

03.0-253-B -

Old Mexican Jail, downtown Monterey. Built in 1806. Probably a copy photo. Pat Hathaway identifies this as the work of photographer C.W. J. Johnson.

Image of 04.0-263-LB -

04.0-263-LB -

Picket fence, grave(?) marker: Gen. P.E. Connor(?), earth mounded, vine-covered object.

Image of 04.0-266-BL -

04.0-266-BL -

Thatch-covered pavilion, Japanese-style tiled roof at right, several people in picture, Japanese garden ornaments. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Image of 04.0-268-LB -

04.0-268-LB -

Curved road, house and garden in background.

Image of 04.0-269-PL -

04.0-269-PL -

Three people stand at foot of grape-crushing / wine-making statue. Located in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Looks like Mrs. O.S. Trimmer tasting from cup.

Image of 04.0-275-PB -

04.0-275-PB -

Native American woman near porch pulls on rope. Anglo woman looks on, young boy looks at camera. Rustic farm, well, and chaparral-covered mountains in background. Woman ringing bell? Same location in images #275, #276, #277, and #279.

Image of 04.0-276-PBA -

04.0-276-PBA -

Eight children, six donkeys at rustic farm. Same location in images #275, #276, #277, and #279.

Image of 04.0-277-PB -

04.0-277-PB -

Native American man near porch holds watermelon. Two pigs, rustic farm, windmill, and chaparral-covered mountains in background. Rope that woman pulled in image #275 wrapped around fencepost. Same location in images #275, #276, #277, and #279.

Image of 04.0-279-PBA -

04.0-279-PBA -

Eight children, six donkeys at rustic farm. Condition note: Crack across bottom right. Same location in images #275, #276, #277, and #279.

Image of 06.0-301-B -

06.0-301-B -

Industrial shed, horses, laborers in work clothes, machinery. Looks like commercial vegetable harvesting. Condition note: Negative dark.