Object Record

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Object ID 4/1047
Collection Indian (Native American)
Accession# A1969.01
Object Name Pomo basket
Caption 4/1047
Collector Ketman, A. J. & Dorothy
Date 01/16/1969
Dimensions H-2.375 W-7.375 inches
Description Pomo coil basket. Body fibers tan. Design of 6--4.25" long x 1.5" wide stripes composed of rays projecting from each side of the center of the stripe done with dark brown almost black fibers. Narrow band on bottom of reddish fibers. Spaced around top half of basket are 4 rows of small shell beads. There are approx. 1.5" between each row and approx. 1.5" between each band.
Annotation by Dr. Dawson:
Pomo coiled basket, for sale to tourists
STITCH TYPE: interlocking
WORK FACE: convex
SPLICES: Fag Ends: wound on stick of the foundation, Moving Ends: trimmed on the back face.
RIM FINISH: self rim
COIL ENDING: simple taper
STARTING KNOT: overhand knot start.
DECORATION: Weft Subsitiution (diff. material), clam shell disc beads sewn on
MATERIALS: Foundation: willow shoots, Salix sp., Sewing Strands: split roots, sedge, Carex barbarae., Design Materials: split roots, bulrush roots, Scirpus maritimus, redbud shoots, clam shell disc beads
Other Name Pomo coiled basket